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Where Can I Buy Fake German High School Transcript

German High School Transcript, Buy Fake German High School Transcript

German High School Transcript

Where Can I Buy Fake German High School Transcript?

1. Royal Palace High School in Salem, Germany
Schule Schloss Salem is a famous international boarding school located on the shore of Lake Baden in southern Germany. It is the largest, strictest and most famous school in Germany. name. Founded in 1920, the Royal Palace Middle School in Salem, Germany, has cultivated children of European royal families and German aristocrats, including Queen Sofia of Spain and Prince Philip of the United Kingdom, as well as many successful business people such as the president of Deutsche Bank and the president of BMW. fake German High School Transcript.

Salem Palace High School provides students from all over the world with a complete secondary education from grade 5 to high school graduation, including German High School Abitur (taught in German) and IB International Baccalaureate (taught in English). Both high school Chinese graduates can enter all German universities for further study or study in universities around the world. The school also offers international English classes for grades 8-10. buy fake High School diploma, fake High School diploma online, buy fake High School certificate. The school also sets up special language classes for foreign students in lower grades.

2. Nozelle Palace High School of Arts and Sciences
The school was established in 1990 and is located in the small town of Neuzelle near Berlin, the capital of Germany. The school focuses on natural sciences and economics. The school provides 24-hour supervision. Management is very strict.

German, Maths and English are compulsory subjects for 12th grade graduating students preparing for Abitur (a university entry certificate), in addition students must also choose a natural science and a social science as graduation examination scoring subjects; other Courses are freely chosen by students.

3. Cologne Peace High School of Arts and Sciences
The school is located on the outskirts of Cologne. It is a modern boarding school. The school is divided into a primary school and a senior liberal arts secondary school. buy fake diploma, buy fake transcript, fake degree. The school attaches great importance to English teaching. The primary school in Cologne is bilingual teaching. When students enter the middle school stage, they can choose international courses or traditional German liberal arts courses according to the direction they want to go to university in the future and the country they want to apply to in the future.

The school has advanced teaching facilities, and there are corresponding professional classrooms for different subjects. The teachers of the school are all experienced teachers. The ratio of teachers to students in the school is 1:10. Every 10 students will have one to take care of. teacher. The school attaches great importance to the three fields of linguistics, natural sciences and art.

The school retains the 12-year German teaching system. When students are in grade 11, there will be professional Abitur instructors, and the school’s average Abitur score is higher than other local public schools.

4. Elizabeth Senior Liberal Arts Boarding School
Founded in 1994 in Wildau around Berlin, 30 kilometers away from the city of Berlin, the school was established in 1994 and attracted a large number of children living in the city because of special elective courses. The school has cooperation with some activity clubs, specializing in equestrianism. Courses, golf courses, if students are interested, they can consult the school on how to participate in the course. With the increase of students, the school has made outstanding improvements in teaching and provides students with full-day accommodation management. In the past 20 years, the school has not only It has been recognized by the country in terms of education. At the same time, the school pays attention to international development. Students from all over the world are welcome to study and live here. With the strength of China, the school has also added Chinese courses to the elective courses, which has greatly increased. In view of the attractiveness of the school to local German students, more and more German parents are willing to let their children learn Chinese from an early age and have the opportunity to live with Chinese students.

5. Brandenburg International School Berlin, Germany
The Brandenburg International School Berlin is located in Berlin, the capital of Germany, and is a state-approved private boarding school. The school campus has a beautiful environment, covering an area of ​​400,000 square meters, with convenient transportation, only a few minutes drive from the southwest residential area of ​​Berlin, the suburbs of Brandenburg and Potsdam. The Brandenburg International School Berlin is a truly international school, and graduates can obtain the International High School Diploma IB. This diploma is recognized all over the world, which means that graduates can apply to any university in the world.