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German High School fake Transcript, German High School Transcript

German High School fake Transcript

This is  fake German High School transcript, German High School Degree, fake diplomas Geman,  German High School Transcript. In Germany, the secondary education system is compulsory for 12 to 13 years. Since Germany is a federal country, the legislative power of the education system belongs to the states, so the school form of secondary education in Germany is not completely the same in each federal state. There is no need for unified examination for students to enter the middle school. According to the results of the primary school (including the orientation stage), teachers’ appraisal and parents’ opinions, students will be determined to study in which type of middle school.

Education is divided into two levels. The first level consists of the vocational preparatory (Hauptschule), the Realschule, and the Gymnasium and the Gesamtschule. The second tier, also known as Oberstufe, consists mainly of the dual system of the vocational education system and the upper grades of liberal arts and science schools. German junior high school education starts from the fifth grade, students enter different levels of school for learning. From the beneficial aspect, this can be targeted teaching, have a target, so as to achieve better teaching effect; From the negative side, students are divided into different levels since childhood, different treatment, more or less will have a certain psychological shock.  

Seven high schools from Germany recently embarked on a recruiting mission to Nanjing city in East China’s Jiangsu province.

Among the five German high school delegations, which were led by their principals, was Landheim Schondorf, a nationally recognized top boarding school in Schondorf am Ammersee. It took the role of lead recruiter,  with the Head of the Foundation, Rudiger Hausler, starting an admission plan for the Xianlin Campus of Nanjing Foreign Language School on March 29.

Chen Ruixin, president of the school’s China-Germany class, was the first applicant. Despite having only one year of language learning under her belt, Chen interpreted for the German delegation and impressed them with her Chinese calligraphy work.

Chen said that the German school’s balanced focus on academic performance and ability training has driven her to study abroad. She looked forward to the school’s various workshops on handicrafts, art and music, diverse physical exercises, and a special one-week program inviting students to live in a cabin and experience life without water and electricity.

Hausler also asked Chen’s parents many questions, including why they were willing to send their daughter to study in Germany.

“Aside from good grades, I put more emphasis on students’ moral development and sense of responsibility. I hope my students can have broad horizons and keep their curiosity,” Hausler said.