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Fake California State University Stanislaus Degree

California State University Stanislaus fake degree, California State University Stanislaus diploma

California State University Stanislaus fake degree

This is fake California State University Stanislaus Degree, fake California State University Stanislaus Diploma, fake California State University Stanislaus degree, fake diplomas online. Founded in 1957 in Turlock, California, California, Stanislaus is a University in the California State University system. The school has a nursing and educational program. It is also the only university in the California State University system to offer a bachelor’s degree in cognitive studies. California State University-Stanislaus has also been identified by US News & World Report magazine as one of the top 10 Public universities on the West Coast for the past seven years. California State University is the largest teaching system in the United States, with a total of 23 campuses, 370,000 students and 40,000 faculty and staff. California State University system directly enjoys state government funding, complete professional Settings, transfer between campuses, credits recognized each other. The Stanislaus campus is one of the new campuses in the California State University system. With beautiful environment and modern facilities, the school’s mission is to integrate intelligence and creativity into reality and make students the most competitive candidates.

school advantage
1. American public universities, high-quality teaching quality and management;
2. The cost is reasonable, 150,000 RMB per year to study in the United States;
3. Provide dual enrollment, no need TOEFL IELTS to fulfill your American dream;
4. Low proportion of international students (1.53%), real English learning environment;
5. The geographical location is superior, with a panoramic view of the beautiful scenery;
6. Provide generous scholarships for international students.
location environment
Located in the hinterland of California, near the Central Canyon, Turlock is a beautiful and prosperous California town. Here is a perfect combination of high-quality education and relaxed leisure life. There are 8 schools and 12 natural parks. The surrounding area is surrounded by the famous San Francisco Bay and the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The climate is mild and rainy throughout the year.
247 full-time faculty, 176 part-time faculty; 80% of faculty have PhDs; 18:1 student/faculty ratio; 44% of classes have fewer than 20 students, 50% of classes have 20-50 students, 6% of classes have students The number of people exceeds 50 people.
College Ranking Editor Broadcast
In 2012, it was ranked 53rd among the regional universities in the western United States
Ranked 112th in the 2012 American University Social Service Graduate Ranking (Social Work)
Ranked 343rd among the best undergraduate business programs in the United States in 2012
In 2011, it ranked No. 3 in the acceptance rate of universities in the western United States