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What is a fake diploma/fake certificate?

A paper diploma is a document providing formal evidence of your educational advancements and experience. It’s also a professional document for employers and peers. Today, more than ever, a paper diploma is an emotional document representing the completion of an academic milestone for the graduate, their family, and friends. Certainly, it looks good, nicely framed and hung on the wall.

Generally speaking, there are 3 kinds of fake diplomas. The 1st is typically a diploma that seems to be issued by an accredited institution, they look same like the true ones issued by the institution. The person who bought the fake diploma didn’t study at the institution or studied there but failed to get their diploma.

The 2nd category includes fake diplomas issued by diploma mills (fake universities). Diploma mills grant ‘degrees’ to people who pay for this service, but do not offer any educational training.

fake diploma/fake certificate
fake diploma