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Fake Universiti Teknologi Mara Degree

Universiti Teknologi Mara fake degree

Universiti Teknologi Mara fake degree

Fake Universiti Teknologi Mara Degree, fake Universiti Teknologi Mara diploma, fake Universiti Teknologi Mara Transcript, Universiti Teknologi Mara diploma, Malaysian Diploma. Mara University of Technology, also known as Mara University of Technology, is a public university in Malaysia certified by the Ministry of Education of China. Founded in 1956, the school now has 15 campuses, 3 satellite campuses, and 9 campuses located in the city center. Mara University of Technology is the largest and most numerous universities in Malaysia in terms of scale and students. Founded in 1956, the school now has 15 campuses, 3 satellite campuses, and 9 campuses located in the city center. Mara University of Technology uses English as the language of instruction, and has opened teaching programs for preparatory, junior college, undergraduate, master, and doctoral degrees.  

The RIDA(RIDA) Training Centre was the result of a visit by United Malays National Organisation (UMNO) founder and former president Datto Ang Jaafar to the Ceylon Rural Development Programme in 1951 (now Sri Lanka).  The resulting working paper Outlines the establishment of the RIDA(Rural and Industrial Development Authority) and its objective of rebuilding rural society and improving the rural economy. There are two centres under RIDA :Taman Asuhan RIDA(Kuala Lumpur) and Dewan Lighthan RIDA(Petaling Jaya). Dewan Latehan RIDA began operations in November 1956 with Tuan Syed Alwi Bin Syed Syed Sheikh Alhadi as its first headmaster. On 14 February 1957 Dewan Latehan RIDA chaired several external professional courses offered by established international bodies such as the London Chamber of Commerce, the Chartered Secretaries of Australia, the Australian Institute of Accountants and the British Institute of Management.  

Dewan Latehan RIDA was named Maktab MARA or MARA College in June 1965. The name change meant that the college was no longer run by RIDA but became the most important unit in the MARA Training Department, The representative “Majlis Amanah Rakakat” or “Indigenous Peoples Trust Council” took over and strengthened the role and responsibilities of RIDA. In 1966, the British School of Management ceased to conduct external examinations and MARA began to run its own diploma in business studies. International recognition for the course comes from Ealing Technical College of London, which also becomes the external examination body for the College.

The Faculties of the University of Technology Mara are composed of the following:
Science and Technology Series
School of Architectural Planning and Surveying, School of Applied Science, School of Computer and Mathematical Sciences, School of Civil Engineering, School of Chemical Engineering, School of Electronic Engineering, School of Agricultural Technology, School of Mechanical Engineering, School of Dentistry, School of Pharmacy, School of Sports Science and Recreation, Health Science college, medical school
Social Sciences and Humanities Series
School of Administrative Science and Policy Studies, School of Art and Design, School of Media, School of Education, School of Film, Drama and Animation, School of Law, School of Music, School of Contemporary Islamic Studies, School of Language Studies
Business and Management Series
Arshad Ayub School of Business, School of Accountancy, School of Accounting Studies, School of Information Management, School of Hotel and Tourism Management
Excellence CenterExcellent Center
Malaysian Institute of Transport (MITRANS)
The main campus of Mara University of Technology is located in Shah Alam, with 17,000 teaching staff and 172,000 students of various types.