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Fake Faculty of Medicine Chiang Mai University Certificate

Faculty of Medicine chiang Mai University fake certificate

Faculty of Medicine chiang Mai University fake certificate

The Faculty of Medicine chiang Mai University certificate, Faculty of Medicine chiang Mai University fake certificate, Mai University fake certificate, Mai University certificate, fake thai diploma, fake thai degree certificate, buy fake thai diploma. Chiang Mai University is a comprehensive public university located in Thailand, established in 1964. It consists of three campuses with a total area of about 14 square kilometers and more than 30,000 students. The main campus is located at the foot of Suthep Mountain in the western suburbs of Chiang Mai, Thailand. In addition to providing higher education opportunities for northern Thai students, Chiang Mai University also provides a high-quality learning environment for foreign students. Chiang Mai University is famous for its medicine and engineering. As one of the oldest universities in Thailand, Chiang Mai University has rich teaching resources and teaching facilities. The air-conditioned central library is the most modern library in northern Thailand, with a collection of more than 700,000 volumes, more than 700 Thai periodicals, foreign language More than 350 periodicals and a large number of audio-visual materials. Each college has an independent library networked with the central library. Each college has a computer network connected to the school’s central network, and students can use the computer network in the school’s computer center and student dormitory.

Chiang Mai is the second largest city in Thailand, located in northern Thailand. Thai universities are relatively concentrated in the capital, which makes it difficult for students from other regions to achieve their desire to go to high-quality universities. The Thai government has long realized that it is imperative to establish a famous university in the northern part of Thailand where agriculture is more developed, so in 1964, after many efforts, Chiang Mai University was established. After years of development, the continuous progress of basic disciplines and agriculture and forestry disciplines in Chiang Mai has provided necessary technical assistance for the northern Thai economy. Now Chiang Mai University is a comprehensive university with famous courses: chemistry (Thailand’s first), agriculture and forestry courses, education (teaching includes Thai courses, and international English courses). Chiang Mai University was officially established in the name of a university in 1964. The number of students in the school is 24,053, and the number of mainland students is 90. The school provides undergraduate, master, and doctoral courses.

Chiang Mai University has 21 faculties, 3 research institutes and 1 graduate school. Offers 256 programs: 3 certification programs, 87 undergraduate programs, 107 master’s degree programs, 33 doctoral degree programs, 25 graduate certificate programs. There are about 2,050 teaching and research personnel, 10,700 auxiliary staff, and about 25,000 students.