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kaplan University fake diploma and transcript

Kaplan University Diploma and transcript, fake Kaplan University Diploma

fake Kaplan University Diploma and transcript

This is kaplan University fake diploma and transcript, kaplan University fake diploma, kaplan University transcript, kaplan University diploma. Southeastern Vocational College (Dallas) changed its name to Kaplan College (Dallas) in 2009, becoming the Kaplan College campus in Dallas. The purpose of Kaplan College (Dallas) is to provide students with a large number of useful talents for the society by providing students with professional, hands-on training, and wide-ranging courses, so that they can perform their duties in their individual positions, and more. serve the society well.  Kaplan College (Dallas) can award associate degrees and certificates in related fields, and the main majors are: Criminal Justice, Dental Assistant, Medical Assistant, Medical Office Specialist, Assistant Studies, etc. Through the study in the school, students can start working as soon as possible through short-term training, shortening time and saving costs.

 In 2005, reached a cooperation with Nottingham Trent University (Nottingham Trent University, UK), established Nottingham Trent International College (NTIC) on the university campus, and opened a preparatory course linking to Nottingham Trent University, and the development of KIP began. . Today KIP has worked closely with more than 40 outstanding universities in the UK, Ireland, North America and Australia to offer foundation/bridge courses to provide students with world-class educational opportunities. Kaplan International is a subsidiary of Kaplan Inc (Kaplan Education Group). Kaplan Inc is the largest subsidiary of Graham Holdings Company, a public company engaged in the education and media industries, formerly known as The Washington Post Company, with its core business Involves educational services, television broadcasting, cable television systems, online services, print publishing and television news. Every year, more than one million students receive international education at Kaplan’s more than 600 colleges or education centers around the world.