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American University kuwait Degree

The University of Kuwait operates under the supervision of the University Council headed by the Minister of Education and the Minister of Higher Education. The University of Kuwait aims to provide excellence in education that contributes to the production, development and dissemination of knowledge and the cultivation of talents to develop and meet the needs of society. the University of Kuwait was established in October 1966 and officially opened in November 1966. The College of Arts and Sciences, the College of Education and the College of Women were established at the same time, with a total of 418 students and 31 faculty members. As of 2013, how to buy fake American University kuwait Degree. the University of Kuwait has 16 faculties of science, technology and humanities with a total enrollment of 40,000 students and 1450 faculty and staff. fake American University kuwait Diploma, fake American University kuwait Degree, fake American University kuwait Transcript, fake American University kuwait Certificate.

Kuwait University includes 16 colleges and numerous public service institutions and work centers.
Undergraduate College
Introduction to Undergraduate College
College of Science
College of Law
College of Arts
College of Medicine
College of Engineering and Petroleum
College of Allied Health Science
College of Education
College of Sharia and Islamic Studies
College of Business Administration
College of Pharmacy
College of Dentistry
College of Social Science
College of Women
College of Architecture
College of Computer Science and Engineering
College of Undergraduate
Graduate School
Master Degree of Science
Doctorate School (Philosophy Degree)
Research center
Information System Research Center
Community Service and Continuing Education Teaching Center
Center for Policy and Future Studies
distance learning center
Center for Arabian Peninsula and Gulf Studies
Center for Environmental Law Studies in the Arab Region
Khawarizmi Training Center
campus construction
Shuwaikh Campus (Campuse of Shuwaikh)
Keifan Campus (Campuse of Keifan)
Khaldiya Campus
Adaliya Campus
Jabriya Campus (Campuse of Jabriya