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Akamai University Degree

Akamai was born in 1995 from a challenge by MIT professor and Internet inventor Tim Berners-Lee. The father of the World Wide Web foresaw the problems of network congestion that Internet users now take for granted. So he challenged his colleagues to invent a fundamentally new way of distributing Internet content. He may not have imagined that posing such an academic problem would eventually give birth to a new service that revolutionized the Internet.

In the office next door to Dr. Berners-Lee is Tom Leighton, a professor of applied mathematics at MIT. He was intrigued by Berners-Lee’s challenge. Tom Leighton is a well-known professor who studies parallel algorithms and architectures. He has been the leader of the MIT Computer Science Laboratory Algorithm Group since its inception in 1996. Dr. Leighton recognized that applied mathematics and algorithms could be used to solve the problem of network congestion. So he asked graduate student Danny Lewin and several other top researchers to join him in cracking the puzzle. fake Diplomas USA.

Dr. Leighton and Lewin were joined by several other scientists in computer science and data networking. They developed mathematical algorithms to handle the dynamic routing of content and ultimately solved a problem that plagued Internet users. Leighton was later joined by Sloan MBA student Jonathan Seelig, and since then they have pursued their own business plan, eventually forming Akamai.

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