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The Everglades University Fake Degree

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Everglades University fake degree

The Everglades University fake degree, Everglades University fake diploma, fake US diploma, buy fake US diploma, Everglades University, formerly known as Everglades College (Fort Lauderdale), currently has four campuses located in Boca Raton, Altamonte Springs, Sarasota and tampa. The current Boca Raton campus is the original Everglades College in Fort Lauderdale. The mission of Everglades University is to provide adult students of all backgrounds with a high-quality education in a collaborative environment, so that they can achieve personal growth. Everglades University achieves its teaching mission through innovative learning programs that combine traditional academic values with small class sizes. In addition to providing general undergraduate and graduate courses, the school also offers some online courses. The undergraduate programs offered by the school are: Alternative Medicine, Alternative and Renewable Energy Management, Construction Management, Business Management, Applied Management, Aviation Technology, Aviation Management. The master’s programs offered by the school are: business administration, aviation science, leadership and public health management.

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Undergraduate: Engineering, Management, Science, Medicine
Master: Engineering, Management