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Bureau Veritas Certificate

Bureau Veritas (BV), founded in 1828 and headquartered in Paris, France, is a world-renowned international inspection and certification group, whose services focus on quality, health, safety and environmental management and social responsibility assessment. Since its inception, BeV has a network of over 850 offices and laboratories in more than 150 countries, with approximately 33,000 employees serving 300,000 customers in different sectors in end markets around the world. Bureau Veritas Certificate, how to buy fake Bureau Veritas Certificate, buy fake certificate UK.

The headquarters has six major departments, which are engaged in ship inspection (BV is also called French Classification Society), import and export commodity inspection, industrial product inspection, container inspection, engineering supervision, system certification, product certification, and aerospace inspection. Its subsidiaries include ACTS(American TEST Laboratory), LCIE(French NATIONAL Laboratory OF Electronics and Electrical Appliances), ATL (Engineering Management Consulting), BIVAC (International Import and Export Inspection Bureau), CEP Industry(Material Testing, Metallurgy and Environmental Analysis), CEP System (New technology risk assessment), TECNITS (Investment Analysis, Project Management), BIO-CONTRL, Unicon International & Neptunus (Active container inspection), BVC (System certification). Bev is one of the most recognized organizations in the industry by governments and international organizations around the world. Bevy International Inspection Group is a world-renowned international inspection and certification group. Provide professional inspection, analysis, audit, certification of products and facilities (buildings, industrial sites, equipment, ships, etc.) and related mandatory or voluntary management system certification services. Participated in the formulation of ISO9000 and ISO14000 standards and a series of industry standards, made great contributions to the development and promotion of standards. It ranked first in the 2000 Quality Digest survey and the 2002 ISOS survey in Japan. Our mission is to examine, validate and certify the properties, projects, products or management systems of our customers by means of our own industry reference standards or external standards, resulting in the submission of compliance reports or certificates. Betv Group is committed to creating value for our clients through risk management and performance optimization. The Group provides a variety of solutions to meet the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises, large multinational groups or government agencies. As a result, the group’s services cover a wide range of markets, such as shipbuilding and construction engineering, industrial manufacturing, energy and chemicals, consumer goods, transportation and logistics, and services. Group’s main examples of business can be listed as follows: different stages in the process of building the validation, laboratory tests for raw materials and consumer goods, ship inspection or ocean engineering construction planning approval, industrial facilities, control of the environmental impact, product inspection before shipment, and product and management system certification, and so on. In mainland China, BEV has 4,500 employees serving more than 7,000 clients through more than 50 offices and laboratories in nearly 40 locations across the country. It not only includes CNOOC, Sinopec, Three Gorges Power Company and other state-owned super large enterprises, but also includes Yongxin color picture tube, Shengli Oilfield, Wisang Group, Yizheng Chemical fiber, Shenlong Fukang, Rainbow Group, Shougang, Wuxi Little Swan, Guangzhou Metro, Hong Kong Metro and other domestic and foreign outstanding enterprises. Also included are Alstom, French Nuclear Group, SONY, Carrefour and L ‘Oreal, HP, IBM, Alcatel, Omron, EPSON, Coca-Cola (Shanghai), Kodak, Ricoh, NOKIA, Hitachi, Siemens, Philips (SEMICONDUCTOR), ABB, GE, HENKEL, SAIC, CIMC, Shanghai Haibiling, Shanghai Bell, Inteler Dairy, Shell Oil, and other international well-known enterprise groups.